September 11, 2014
BioSolar Teams with UCSB to Develop a Low Cost Supercapacitor for Solar Energy Storage

June 21, 2011
BioSolar Receives USDA BioPreferred℠ Product Label Enabling Potential High Volume Sales to Government Entities

BioSolar, producer of innovative bio-based solar energy products, is currently developing a breakthrough supercapacitor technology for reducing the cost of storing the energy of the sun. Existing battery technologies, such as lithium-ion batteries, are good for longer-term energy storage, but cannot be charged or discharged rapidly. This limits the use of batteries to power backup applications. Inspired by nature, BioSolar is developing a low cost polymer-based supercapacitor that can be charged and discharged hundreds of times faster than batteries, and will complement batteries for the storage of solar energy.

By integrating BioSolar supercapacitors, as the high power frontend to battery banks, daytime solar energy can be quickly and cost-effectively stored for nighttime use. This potentially game-changing technology will allow users of solar energy systems to reduce their dependence or go completely off the electric utility power grid.

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