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A Low Cost High Performance Green Backsheet for Solar Panels BioSolar is the leading commercial provider of bio-based solar panel backsheets. A backsheet is a required insulating film in all solar photovoltaic panels. Its primary purpose is to protect the solar panel components, specifically the solar cells and wires from environmental elements such as stress or moisture, which can degrade the 20+ year life of solar panels. Most backsheets are made from petroleum-based plastics. BioBacksheet is made from plant based renewable materials.

BioSolar’s BioBackSheet is the only commercially available Underwriters Laboratory (UL) certified bio-based backsheet. BioBacksheet has features and benefits that are unmatched by traditional backsheets from the largest supplier.
Features Benefits
Bio-Based Green Materials BioBacksheet is lower cost than conventional backsheets by using plant based materials, which are not subject to the rising price of petroleum. BioBacksheet makes solar panels more sustainable and renewable.
High Thermal Conductivity BioBacksheet can increase the power output of solar panels by quickly transferring heat away from solar cells, which lowers the operating temperature and improves solar conversion efficiency and power output.
Monolayer Construction Conventional backsheets are made by laminating multiple layers of materials to provide combined functionality. These layers often delaminate and degrade the life of the solar panel. BioBacksheet employs a breakthrough monolithic (single layer) construction that does not exhibit inter-layer delamination.

BioBacksheet is the only solar panel backsheet certified as Biobased Product under the USDA BioPreferred® program, where federal agencies and its contractors are required by law to purchase products that are biobased.

BioBacksheet is the only biobased backsheet with UL material certification. Complete solar panels incorporating BioBacksheet have also been UL certified at the panel level.

Fully integrated solar panels incorporating BioBacksheet have been IEC certified at the panel level.