02/13/2018 BioSolar Announces Breakthrough Test Results from its Silicon Anode Technology for Lithium-ion Batteries
01/16/2018 BioSolar Emphasizes Significance of Its Silicon Anode Technology
12/19/2017 BioSolar Releases Company Update
11/28/2017 BioSolar Reports Progress in Reducing the Cost and Improving the Performance of Silicon Anodes for Lithium-ion Batteries
11/07/2017 BioSolar’s Silicon Anode Additive Material Technology Featured at the 232nd Electrochemical Society Meeting
10/10/2017 BioSolar Establishes Digital Media Presence to Provide Ongoing Corporate Communications and Market Updates
09/13/2017 BioSolar Extends Research Program with North Carolina A&T State University
08/08/2017 BioSolar Expands Market Opportunities with Performance Boosting Additive for Silicon Anodes in Lithium-ion Batteries
07/11/2017 BioSolar Highlights Technology and Business-focused Media Recognition Following Milestone Announcements
06/06/2017 BioSolar Signs a Joint Development Agreement with Leading Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturer

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