02/11/2017 Statement on Recent False News Releases
02/07/2017 BioSolar Issues Statement on Erroneous Press Release Distributed by Unknown Third Party
01/24/2017 BioSolar Reports Progress on its High-Energy Anode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries
01/10/2017 BioSolar Executives Attend Industry Leading Battery Power Conference; Support Industry’s Continued Focus on Safety and Increased Performance
11/08/2016 BioSolar Elaborates on its Development of High Capacity Silicon Anode Technology
10/25/2016 BioSolar Continues to Garner Media Attention for Unique Approach to Lithium-ion Battery Technology Development
09/27/2016 BioSolar Commences Development of High Energy Battery Anode Technology
08/23/2016 BioSolar Adds Engineering Team from North Carolina A&T State University to Strengthen Its Efforts to Increase the Capacity and Reduce the Cost of Lithium-ion Batteries
07/12/2016 BioSolar Recognized for Its Efforts to Increase Capacity and Reduce Cost of Lithium-ion Batteries
06/21/2016 BioSolar Files Its Second International Patent for Super Battery Technology

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