02/13/2018 BioSolar Announces Breakthrough Test Results from its Silicon Anode Technology for Lithium-ion Batteries
01/16/2018 BioSolar Emphasizes Significance of Its Silicon Anode Technology
12/19/2017 BioSolar Releases Company Update
11/28/2017 BioSolar Reports Progress in Reducing the Cost and Improving the Performance of Silicon Anodes for Lithium-ion Batteries
11/07/2017 BioSolar’s Silicon Anode Additive Material Technology Featured at the 232nd Electrochemical Society Meeting
10/10/2017 BioSolar Establishes Digital Media Presence to Provide Ongoing Corporate Communications and Market Updates
09/13/2017 BioSolar Extends Research Program with North Carolina A&T State University
08/08/2017 BioSolar Expands Market Opportunities with Performance Boosting Additive for Silicon Anodes in Lithium-ion Batteries
07/11/2017 BioSolar Highlights Technology and Business-focused Media Recognition Following Milestone Announcements
06/06/2017 BioSolar Signs a Joint Development Agreement with Leading Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturer
05/09/2017 BioSolar Begins Engineering Phase of New Anode for Lithium Ion Batteries
04/05/2017 BioSolar Completes Successful Lab Phase of Its High Capacity, Low Cost Anode Material Technology
03/16/2017 BioSolar to Attend Annual International Battery Seminar; Premier Industry Conference Attended by Influencers, Potential Partners, and Innovative Technology Providers
02/28/2017 BioSolar Focuses on Driving Down Lithium-ion Battery Prices
02/11/2017 Statement on Recent False News Releases
02/07/2017 BioSolar Issues Statement on Erroneous Press Release Distributed by Unknown Third Party
01/24/2017 BioSolar Reports Progress on its High-Energy Anode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries
01/10/2017 BioSolar Executives Attend Industry Leading Battery Power Conference; Support Industry’s Continued Focus on Safety and Increased Performance
11/08/2016 BioSolar Elaborates on its Development of High Capacity Silicon Anode Technology
10/25/2016 BioSolar Continues to Garner Media Attention for Unique Approach to Lithium-ion Battery Technology Development
09/27/2016 BioSolar Commences Development of High Energy Battery Anode Technology
08/23/2016 BioSolar Adds Engineering Team from North Carolina A&T State University to Strengthen Its Efforts to Increase the Capacity and Reduce the Cost of Lithium-ion Batteries
07/12/2016 BioSolar Recognized for Its Efforts to Increase Capacity and Reduce Cost of Lithium-ion Batteries
06/21/2016 BioSolar Files Its Second International Patent for Super Battery Technology
05/17/2016 BioSolar Targets Growing Market for Lithium-ion Batteries
04/26/2016 BioSolar Files National Phase Patent in Europe for Its Technology
04/05/2016 BioSolar Names Dr. Sung-Jin Cho as Technology Advisor
03/08/2016 BioSolar Files National Phase Patents in China and South Korea for Its Technology
02/23/2016 BioSolar Files National Phase Patents for Its Technology
02/02/2016 BioSolar Prepares for the Next Phase of its Super Battery Technology Development
01/12/2016 BioSolar Extends Research Agreement with UCSB for Next Phase of its Super Battery Technology
12/15/2015 Features of BioSolar’s New Battery Technology Well Suited for China’s Rapidly Growing Electric and Hybrid Vehicles Market
12/08/2015 BioSolar Quoted by Industry Media Outlets on Key Cost Factors for the Adoption of Electric Vehicles
11/17/2015 BioSolar Prototype Demonstrates Clear Path to High Capacity, Low Cost Lithium-Ion Battery
09/29/2015 Substantial Market Opportunity for BioSolar’s High Capacity Battery
07/28/2015 BioSolar’s Super Battery Technology Can Significantly Lower the Cost of On-Site Energy Storage
07/07/2015 BioSolar Extends Research Agreement with Top University to Further Develop its Super Battery Technology
06/23/2015 BioSolar Files Patent for Super Battery Technology
06/16/2015 BioSolar Announces Development of a Super Battery Technology
01/27/2015 BioSolar Plans to Lower the Cost of Solar Power with Energy Storage Technology
12/03/2014 BioSolar Sets Record with Low Cost Energy Storage Supercapacitor
10/21/2014 Supercapacitors USA 2014 Conference to Feature BioSolar’s BioSuperCap Technology
09/30/2014 BioSolar Files International Patent for Breakthrough Supercapacitor Technology
09/17/2014 BioSolar Names Nobel Laureate Dr. Alan Heeger and Dr. David Vonlanthen as Scientific Advisors
09/11/2014 BioSolar Teams with UCSB to Develop a Low Cost Supercapacitor for Solar Energy Storage
03/13/2013 BioSolar Receives First Commercial Order
01/23/2013 BioSolar to Benefit from Expected Solar Surge
12/11/2012 BioSolar Drives Down Costs to Meet Growing Solar Industry Demand
09/18/2012 BioSolar Begins Development of EcoBacksheet™
07/31/2012 BioSolar Ready to Begin Shipping BioBacksheet
05/29/2012 BioSolar Selects Stevens Urethane to Manufacture BioBacksheet
05/01/2012 BioSolar to Select Contract Manufacturer for BioBacksheet
03/15/2012 BioSolar Enters into Sales Agreement with Tomark Industries
02/21/2012 BioSolar Reports Sales Progress with Large Solar Manufacturers
01/26/2012 BioSolar Pursuing Opportunity to Capture Larger Market Share
01/10/2012 BioSolar Announces Strategic Plan for High Volume Production
11/28/2011 BioSolar Backed Solar Panels Debut at GovGreen Conference
10/26/2011 BioSolar’s Breakthrough BioBacksheet Approved for Commercial Sales
10/24/2011 BioSolar Hailed by Renewable Energy Focus as One of 10 “Companies To Watch” in the Solar Space
10/03/2011 BioSolar Starts Supplying Sample BioBacksheet to Asian PV Manufacturers
09/06/2011 BioSolar Enters into Agreement to Supply Asian PV Manufacturers Targeting the North American Solar Market
08/09/2011 BioSolar’s BioBacksheet Selected by Solar PV Panel Manufacturers Targeting Government Sales
08/02/2011 BioSolar Successfully Completes Reverse Stock Split
07/27/2011 BioSolar Proceeding with Reverse Stock Split
07/25/2011 BioSolar Announces Plan to Uplist Its Shares to Trade on a Senior U.S. Stock Exchange
06/21/2011 BioSolar Receives USDA BioPreferred℠ Product Label Enabling Potential High Volume Sales to Government Entities
04/26/2011 BioSolar Launches BioBacksheet Volume Sampling Program
03/22/2011 American Chemical Society National Meeting 2011 to Feature BioSolar’s BioBacksheet Technology
02/28/2011 BioSolar’s Breakthrough BioBacksheet Receives Official UL Material Certification
01/31/2011 BioSolar Announces Major Milestone In Obtaining UL Certification
11/29/2010 BioSolar Completes Successful Production Run of New White BioBacksheet
10/18/2010 BioSolar Introduces Bright-white BioBacksheet for Improved PV Solar Panel Efficiency
09/15/2010 BioSolar Among Companies Leading The “Greening of the Solar Industry,” According to Recent News Article in Solar Novus
08/17/2010 Further Testing Reveals that BioSolar’s BioBacksheetTM Reduces the Number of Steps in Panel Manufacturing
07/20/2010 New Tests Reveal that BioSolar’s BioBacksheet Improves Solar Panel Efficiency and Power Output
06/15/2010 BioSolar Unveils Strategic Manufacturing Plan for Production and Distribution of Commercial Grade BioBacksheet™
05/17/2010 BioSolar Begins Sales of Commercial Grade BioBacksheet™
04/06/2010 2010 Solar Company Scorecard Underscores Need for Greener Solar Production Methods, Says BioSolar
03/08/2010 BioSolar Announces Plans for Expanded Line of BioBacksheets for Photovoltaic Module Manufacturing in Various Grades
01/19/2010 BioSolar Among “PV Innovations on the Leading Edge for 2010” According to Renewable Energy Focus
12/07/2009 Solar Power’s 50% Drop in Cost Underscores Urgent Need for Greener Production Methods, Says BioSolar
11/04/2009 BioSolar Begins Limited Supply Production of Commercial Grade BioBacksheet™-C
10/20/2009 Solar Industry Magazine Publishes “Photovoltaic Backsheets: A Brief History and Technical Analysis” Authored by BioSolar’s CTO Dr. Stanley B. Levy
10/06/2009 The Solar Power Paradox: Alternative Energy Can’t Run on Oil
09/21/2009 Intense Media Focus on Cleantech Industry Expands Market Opportunities for BioSolar and Other Green Companies
09/02/2009 BioSolar Strengthens Analytical Laboratory Capabilities
08/18/2009 BioSolar Files Patent for BioBacksheet™-A Thin Film Photovoltaic Solar Module Component
08/04/2009 BioSolar “Has Developed a ‘BioBacksheet’ That May Change the Solar Industry,” According to Energy Boom
07/21/2009 BioSolar Reports Successful Pilot Run of New BioBacksheet-A for Thin-Film Solar Cells
07/07/2009 Coverage from Green Technology and Renewable Energy Media Bolsters Popularity of BioSolar’s Environment-Friendly Solar Module Components
06/22/2009 BioSolar’s BioBacksheet™ May “Revolutionize the Solar Power Industry,” According to Media Reports
06/03/2009 BioSolar Hailed as a ‘True Green’ Solar Technology in the “Homestretch of its Commercialization,” According to Recent RECHARGE News Report
05/19/2009 BioSolar’s First BioBacksheet Slated to Hit Commercial Market in Second Half of 2009
05/05/2009 BioSolar’s BioBacksheet Attracts Broad Interest at International Green Energy EXPO Korea 2009
04/20/2009 BioSolar Expands BioBacksheet Product Line for Entire Solar Panel Market
04/06/2009 BioSolar’s BioBacksheet Gets Global Audience at International Green Energy EXPO Korea 2009
03/23/2009 BioSolar’s BioBacksheet Will “Help Reduce Cost per Watt of Solar, Making Solar Power a More Cost Effective Initiative,” According to Print and Online Reports
03/09/2009 BioSolar to Commercialize BioBacksheet for Thin-Film Photovoltaic Modules
02/23/2009 BioSolar “Could Significantly Reduce the Cost of Solar Cells” Claims
02/09/2009 BioSolar Progresses to Next Stage of Pre-Production Citing Positive and Consistent Test Results
01/26/2009 BioSolar Prepared for Industry Growth Following Obama Inauguration Highlighting Dramatic 'Green Energy' Agenda
01/12/2009 BioSolar Readies for 2009 Industry Growth; Discusses Revolutionary Technology for Solar Panel Industry on Radio Show
12/22/2008 BioSolar Named a Leader for Its Use of Biomass-based Material Components in Solar Modules
12/08/2008 BioSolar Claims Global Rights for World’s First Solar Module Component Made from Renewable Materials
11/24/2008 BioSolar’s Production Plans Elevate its BioBacksheet Technology to the Forefront of the Media’s Attention
11/10/2008 BioSolar to Begin Pre-Production Runs of Its Breakthrough Solar Module Component
10/24/2008 BioSolar Files Comprehensive Patent for BioBacksheet™ Photovoltaic Solar Cell Component
10/13/2008 BioSolar Anticipates Federal Clean Energy Tax Package to Benefit Solar Industry
09/30/2008 New BioSolar Development to Further Reduce BioBacksheet™ Cost
09/15/2008 News of BioSolar's BioBacksheet™ Technology Hits the Blogosphere
08/18/2008 BioSolar Garners National Media Attention after Unveiling Details Behind Its Breakthrough BioBacksheet™ Solar Module Component
08/12/2008 BioSolar Reveals Secret of Less Costly Solar Power: Cotton and Castor Beans
08/05/2008 BioSolar to Unveil Details of Company’s Breakthrough BioBacksheet™ Solar Technology at North America’s Most Prestigious Optics and Photonics Conference
07/07/2008 Record-High Petroleum Prices a Boon to BioSolar
06/16/2008 BioSolar Set for Full Scale Production of Flagship BioBacksheet with Selection of Rowland Technologies
06/11/2008 BioSolar Highlighted Nationally in Media Reports Focused on Growth of Solar Market and Company’s Competitive Advantage
05/19/2008 BioSolar’s Dr. Stan Levy Selected to Present Company’s Breakthrough BioBacksheet™ Solar Cell Technology at Key Industry Meeting
04/28/2008 BioSolar Delivers BioBacksheet Samples to Solar Cell Manufacturers
04/21/2008 BioSolar Receives “Technology of the Day” Award from
04/07/2008 BioSolar Appoints Dr. Charles Carraher as Scientific Advisor
03/24/2008 BioSolar in the News as Clean Technology Industries Gain Prominence within the Economy
03/10/2008 BioSolar Reports Successful Development of First Generation Commercial Product
02/11/2008 BioSolar Expands Research and Development Capabilities and Establishes Physical Plant
01/17/2008 BioSolar’s Successful Completion of Rigorous Testing Protocol is an Important Step Forward Toward UL Certification
12/03/2007 BioSolar Announces Successful Scale Up Production Run of Biobased Plastic Film for Solar Cells
11/19/2007 Record High Oil Prices Illuminate Unique Competitive Advantage for BioSolar’s Bio-plastic Solar Cell Components, Says CEO in Interview
11/09/2007 BioSolar CEO Television Interview Available Online
10/30/2007 BioSolar Presenting at RedChip SmallCap Conference
10/24/2007 Component Suppliers Shine Brightly Amid Profit Pressure in Solar Power Industry
10/16/2007 BioSolar Fast-Tracks Plan to Attain Underwriters Laboratory Certification of Bioplastic Backsheet for Solar Cells
10/01/2007 BioSolar CEO Interviewed on
09/10/2007 BioSolar Completes Prototype of Low Cost Bioplastic Backsheet for Solar Cells
08/14/2007 BioSolar Lays Out Development Plan to Produce Unique Bio-Plastic Material to Reduce Cost of Solar Cells
08/07/2007 BioSolar Elevates Stanley B. Levy to Chief Technology Officer
06/25/2007 BioSolar Builds Bio-based Prototype Solar Cell.
05/21/2007 BioSolar Passes First Bio-based Substrate Test
04/10/2007 BioSolar’s Launch of Bio-based Plastic Substrate Development Effort Signals New Era in Solar Power
03/29/2007 BioSolar Looks to Benefit From Powerful Cost Advantages
03/19/2007 BioSolar Adds Michael D. Wyrsta to Its Technical Team
03/12/2007 Stanley B. Levy Joins BioSolar Technical Team
02/22/2007 BioSolar Begins Trading Under Symbol BSRC
02/14/2007 BioSolar, Inc., Goes Public, Registration Statement Declared Effective by the Securities Exchange Commission

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