BioSolar to Attend Annual International Battery Seminar; Premier Industry Conference Attended by Influencers, Potential Partners, and Innovative Technology Providers

Enhancements of lithium-ion battery technologies are expanding battery capabilities on a larger-scale and generating industry-wide exposure

Santa Clarita, CA – March 16, 2017 – BioSolar, Inc. (OTCQB:BSRC), a developer of breakthrough energy storage technology and materials, today announced BioSolar executives will be attending the 34th Annual International Battery Seminar & Exhibit in Fort Lauderdale, Florida this month to identify potential opportunities for BioSolar’s silicon alloy anode material technology, and discuss the wide ranging applications for breakthrough lithium-ion battery technology.

As the longest-running global battery industry event, the International Battery Seminar & Exhibit is focused on advanced battery technologies and their applications to consumer, automotive and military technologies. It is generally expected that important battery technology developments and new products will be presented and debuted at the March event.

BioSolar CEO David Lee and research team members will be in attendance to share updates surrounding the progress and commercialization efforts for BioSolar’s silicon alloy anode material technology.

“Attending conferences of this caliber and meeting with such a wide network of influencers with expansive depth of knowledge is critical to achieving commercialization of our technology,” said Dr. David Lee, CEO of BioSolar. “We have made it clear to attending parties, influencers, and potential partners that BioSolar is confident that our advanced silicon anode material technology, when combined with existing lithium-ion batteries, can safely extend the life cycle, increase energy capacity of, and reduce the overall cost for lithium-ion batteries.”

In the race to advance lithium battery technology, the safety of those who use the technology should be of significant importance to any developer. In Triple Pundit, a well-known renewable energy media publication, Dr. Lee addresses the causes for battery malfunctions such as with last year’s battery fires in the Samsung Galaxy phones and discusses how manufacturers can develop advanced lithium-ion battery technologies safely and wide-ranging applications.

The energy storage market continues to focus on improving lithium-ion battery technology due to its advantages over other battery chemistries. As pricing continues to decrease and lithium-ion battery breakthroughs continue to transform the market, there is demand to incorporate lithium-ion batteries on a larger scale. Last month, San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) opened their newest facility, launching the largest grid-tied lithium-ion battery system. In the past, energy companies were reluctant to connect a grid this size to lithium-ion batteries, however, with the need for incorporation of renewable energy in energy storage systems increasing and lithium-ion batteries continuing to become more efficient and less expensive, this technology is moving to the forefront for more extensive energy storage projects.

About BioSolar, Inc.

BioSolar is developing a breakthrough technology to increase the storage capacity, lower the cost and extend the life of lithium-ion batteries. A battery contains two major parts, a cathode and an anode, that function together as the positive and negative sides. BioSolar initially focused its development effort on high capacity cathode materials since most of today's Li-ion batteries are "cathode limited." With the goal of creating the company's next generation super battery technology, BioSolar is currently investigating high capacity anode materials recognizing the fact that the overall battery capacity is determined by combination of both cathode and anode. By integrating BioSolar's high capacity cathode or anode, battery manufacturers will be able to create a super lithium-ion battery that can double the range of a Tesla, power an iPhone for two days straight, or store daytime solar energy for nighttime use. Founded with the vision of developing breakthrough energy technologies, BioSolar's previous successes include the world's first UL approved bio-based back sheet for use in solar panels.

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Date : Thursday, March 16 2017


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